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Fabric & Rug Cleaner Maximum Strength

This water based oxidizer cleaner meets the U.S. EPA Safer Choice standards. Cleans ink, newspaper transfer, highlighter, grape juice, red soda, lipstick, cosmetics, iodine, blood, sun block, wine, mustard, and much more. Works on all washable fabrics and rugs with cleaning codes W or WS. It is not recommended for dry clean or vacuum only fabrics with cleaning codes S or X.

DIRECTIONS: Promptly blot or scrape up residue from soiled area. Apply product to a dry white cloth or cotton swab then gently agitate and blot the stain until removed. It is not recommended to apply the product directly to the stain. Use a clean white cloth slightly dampened with water to gently blot the area to remove any access cleaner.

8 fl. oz.
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company have been nothing but
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J. W.