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Guardian protects.

Protection Plan Registration

Most of our current protection plans are registered by your retailer at the point of purchase. If your protection plan prefix is not in the dropdown list below, then your protection plan should be registered by your retailer. Upon successful plan registration, an email with plan coverage guidelines are sent to the address provided at the time of purchase. Please consult your retailer if you have not received your plan guidelines. Remember to save your invoice that shows the plan purchase in case you need to file a service request.

If you purchased a mattress protection plan please register below. You will find your plan on the back of the mattress protector insert. If for any reason you can't successfully register your plan or have a question please contact us





"It is comforting to know that some
organizations still value customer
service. My wife and I will definitely
purchase the protection again
on our new sofa. You and your
company have been nothing but
great to work with."
J. W.