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Wood Furniture Care Tips

Here are some tips to keep your furniture looking new. Remember, responding to a spill quickly will reduce the chance of it becoming a permanent stain. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight to avoid heat damage and bleaching of wood.

  • Keep furniture away from heating and air conditioning sources to prevent loss of moisture in the wood.
  • Use felt backing on lamps, ashtrays, and other accessories to prevent scratching and gouging.
  • Use place mats under plates and hot pads under serving dishes when serving hot food.
  • Put house plants in drip-proof pots and keep foliage from touching furniture surfaces to prevent moisture damage.
  • Use coasters under both hot and cold drinks.
  • Do not place synthetic rubber or plastic items directly on wood to avoid chemical damage to furniture finish.
  • Do not leave newspapers or magazines lying on wood to avoid possible ink bleeding into the furniture finish.
  • Avoid using nail polish remover or other harsh household products near wood furniture to avoid possible damage from spills or splashes.
  • Rotate the placement of accessories on wood furniture surfaces and rotate the placement of the furniture within the room from time to time to redistribute wear patterns.



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