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Guardian protects.

Safety Data Sheets

Guardian Furniture Care Products are listed below. Click on a product below to view or download the Safety Data Sheet. Please make sure the item number matches the number in parenthesis next to each product title. You can find the item number on the bottom of the product's label.

Guardian Fabric & Rug Cleaner Maximum Strength 8oz (GDRMBC6174A)
Guardian Fabric & Rug Cleaner Stain Spotter 8oz (GDRMBC6124A)
Guardian Leather Protector 8oz (GDRMBC5244A)
Guardian Leather Cleaner 8oz (GDRMBC5294A)
Guardian Microfiber Cleaner 8oz (GDRMBC0534A)
Guardian Wood Duster 8oz (GDRMBC0524A)
Guardian Wood Polish 8oz (GDRMBC5494A)
Guardian Glass Protector 8oz (GDRMBCGP024A)
Guardian Surface Prep 8oz (GDRMBC6004A)
Guardian Water Based Fabric Protector 8oz (GDRMBC5124B)
Guardian Water Based Fabric Protector 16oz (GDRMBC5125B)
Guardian Outdoor Fabric Cleaner 16oz (GDRMBC6178A)
Guardian Leather Ink & Lipstick Remover 1oz (LE-LK16C)
Guardian C6 Water Based Fabric Protector 5 gallon (GDRMBC5128)
Guardian C6 Water Based Fabric Protector 30 gallon (GDRMBC5129)
Guardian Leather  Protector 1/2 gallon (LE-LK005)
Guardian Leather Cleaner 1/2 gallon (LE-LK010)
Guardian G9 Fabric Protector 5 gallon (FA-G9005)
Guardian G9 Fabric Protector 30 gallon (FA-G9030)


The Safety Data Sheets provided above are updated quarterly and may vary from the product ordered. To request an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) version that most accurately reflects the products as of your purchase date, please contact


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