Accidents happen.
Guardian protects.

About Guardian

Guardian Protection Products has made itself a leader in the furniture protection industry by building value and integrity in our products, services and our protection plans. Strength, stability, and experience provides our retailers and distributors a high level of confidence each time they present or deliver Guardian Fabric, Leather, Wood, Motion or Mattress Protection Programs. Guardian Protection Products, established in 1977, is owned by RPM International Inc., a leader in specialty coatings and sealants. RPM is a $4.5 billion Fortune 1000 Company. Click here to see RPM International's Code of Conduct.

RPM Code

Located in Hickory, NC, Guardian is committed to world class services. Guardian Protection Plans are underwritten by CNA Warranty Service, Inc. or one of its affiliates, to ensure that every protection plan sold by Guardian will be compliant, secure and backed for the term of the plan.  "Perfection in Protection" leads to customer satisfaction and increased revenues for our retailers.

Quality Control

On-going research and development efforts ensure we are providing the finest and safest protection products available. Our staff of chemists have researched, tested and produced the finest chemical formulations with the most features and benefits in this industry. They are responsible for product R&D, quality assurance and quality control, managing regulatory compliance and material safety information, as well as technical support for our Customer Service Department.

Customer Service

Guardian takes a great deal of pride in providing your customers with a positive claim experience. Our customer call center is staffed with specialists who are thoroughly trained to help your customers maximize their plan benefits.

Qualified Furniture Technicians

Guardian utilizes a current database of technicians to assist customers when service is required. Guardian uses professional repair and cleaning technicians who are bonded, insured and have excellent service records.

Distributor Network

Guardian markets their furniture protection programs to retailers through a world-wide network of experienced distributors. Guardian Distributors are dedicated independent business men and women who market, sell and train Guardian products and programs to retail furniture stores.


"It is comforting to know that some
organizations still value customer
service. My wife and I will definitely
purchase the protection again
on our new sofa. You and your
company have been nothing but
great to work with."
J. W.