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Guardian Warranty Products increase revenue for retailers and distributors, while offering homeowners added protection against repair and replacement costs related to mechanical breakdown or damage of furniture products! 

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Retail Warranty Programs

  • Guardian offers retailers point-of-sale furniture protection plans which increase revenue, while driving brand loyalty and repeat sales through excellence furniture service experiences!
    • Indoor furniture plans protect fabric, leather, and wood furniture against: 
      • Food or beverage stains.
      • Stains caused by grass, crayons, grease, ballpoint pen ink, and cosmetics on upholstered furniture.
      • Rips, tears, burns and punctures on fabric or leather upholstery.
      • Liquid rings, heat marks and gouges on wood and stone.
      • Glass and mirror breakage.
    • Outdoor furniture plans cover common outdoor stains and damages, such as:
      • Stains to fabric or vinyl upholstered areas and umbrellas.
      • Breakage of glass components in tables.
      • Rips, tears, punctures or burns to fabric or vinyl.
      • Breakage of umbrella mechanism after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.
  • All plans are fully underwritten by CNA Insurance!

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Distributor Protection Warranties

  • For furniture distributors, Guardian Protection Warranties offer embedded warranty options on indoor and outdoor furniture sold wholesale to retailers.
  • Guardian plans offer the same coverage as our retail plans for indoor furniture such as fabric, leather, and wood  product against stains, rips, tears and burns and rings, as well as glass and mirror breakage.  Outdoor plans cover stains and damages.
  • All plans are fully underwritten by CNA Insurance!
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For consumers, Guardian Protection Warranties offer protection against unexpected costs related to failure or damage to your indoor and outdoor furniture products!

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